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The fastest way to make people healthier is through nutrition

The mission of BalancePoint Institute is to promote successful lifestyle changes among populations of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Vision – A future free of cardiometabolic diseases rooted in chronic inflammation and, to achieve this, making the nutrition, compliance and social tools available to everyone and at low cost, especially for underserved populations 

Values -
·      Innovation - BalancePoint Institute developed in 2006 a dietary protocol which uses ordinary food to very quickly and dramatically reduce inflammation-caused cardiometabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, and stiff arteries. The Institute is also researching the use of innovative tools to help people initiate and maintain lifestyle changes such as new eating habits to establish long-term health and wellness.
·      Science - The BalancePoint food protocol is based in science and has produced evidence-based results. The Institute promotes additional scientific research on the effects of nutrition on physical, mental and emotional well-being.
·      Collaboration – Collaborators on recent grant applications include: Patagonia Senior Center, SEAGO (Southeastern Arizona Governments Organization), University of Arizona Extension Services, CU Dept of Integrative Physiology (leading edge research in microbiome, the bacteria in your gut, and the nutrition-mental health link)

BalancePoint Institute is proving that, contrary to skeptics, nutritional lifestyle change can indeed be achieved, and, moreover, be effortless and sustainable.

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·      Empowerment – The goal of BalancePoint Institute is for people to see for themselves that they can control their health in ways they never thought possible, especially low-income and underserved populations who normally do not have knowledge of, or access to, tools to achieve this

Chronic inflammation has been increasingly linked
o a wide range of diseases.


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